Creative Wallpaper

Posted by Matthew Marron On 09:03

This is my latest creation, a background for my PC. I wanted it to be creative and inspiring and something that wouldn't get boring too quickly and I think I have achieved that. It started off as Some drops of water colour against a white paper background, which had the name "Marroon" masked off. After the droplets had dried I peeled off the letters to reveal the name in the negative space in between the droplets. I then scanned this image in and inverted it, added a few colour overlays in Photoshop and also added the white "graphics" text and added some creative swirls to the font. I Then added some blurred out particles which I downloaded from Media militia (- A very useful site with some good freebies!)

And thats how it was made, Feel free to download it and use it on your own computer.

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