Posted by Matthew Marron On 05:12
Well I though id have ago at doing a different blog layout, one which had a theme that could be used for a matching website, banners and business card . etc.

I spent alot of time messing with the coding in order to get some kind of grid like design set up so that the design looks more professional and i think it has had a big impact on the overall look of the site. The header of the blog was inspired by the Soulwax - Nite Versions album art. I choose the hidden text style because its everything I want my blog to be; fresh, simple, clean, memorable and innovative. It should work well, as it requires the user to move away from the screen a little to understand it, because the user has to take this physical action it means that the website will have more of an impact on them and will stay in there minds, hopefully causing more visitors to return and from a portfolio point of view, be the one that stays fresh in the clients mind.

The new layout is far from finished so feel free to leave a comment suggesting improvements, don't be shy!

In other news, the blog is slowly but surly becoming more popular.
And also my Chipblocked font has been accepted on (click the link to download.)

Finally, keep checking back for some cool textures and photoshop brushes which are work in progress.


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