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Posted by Matthew Marron On 11:06
I've not posted and of my work in a while, but I should have lots soon! Just started getting back into photography so that has been taking up my spare time at the moment.

I've noticed the blog is getting more visits recently which has made me very happy, hopefully as I start uploading more resources and useful content it will grow bigger.

Just read this article about tips for new freelancers on Freelance Switch.

I found the article to be very informative and some quite humorous.
Here are the main ones I found useful and how I can apply them in my practise and what Information I took from them:

“People buy benefits, not features.” - This is a good point, trying to impress clients with useless features wont work, they know what they want, and wont be fobbed off with features they don't need.

“Don’t take on more than you can handle you will end up losing more than you thought you would be earning.” - I've always thought that even if you have too much on you've got nothing to loose, but the reality is if you reduce the quality of your work in order to take on more clients, none wins. The clients will be unhappy with the finished product, and you will loose business and gain a bad reputation. Quality is better than quantity, always!

“Don´t be afraid of asking something you dont know to someone who is more experienced than you.” - I think people as a whole, not just designers are scared to ask for advice. This is because they dont want to appear inexperienced, unintelligent or ask what could be seen as a silly question, however its better to ask a silly question and feel a fool than make a silly mistake in your work and get a reputation as a fool.

“Get up at the same time every morning, shower, get dressed like you’re leaving the house, and sit down with a cup of coffee in your office at the same time every day.” - This is a good tip as when you are working as a freelance designer, I imagine the boundaries between your own time and work time can become very faded. I know that if I worked from home as a freelancer this is something I'd have to adhere to, in order to keep a routine and remind me that I am working.

“Enjoy what you do, when you stop enjoying it. Stop doing it.” - Anyone can use Photoshop, however it takes someone with real enthusiasm, motivation and passion for design to create a well designed product.

That is all, Thank you for reading!

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