Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

Posted by Matthew Marron On 15:38
Finally here is a piece of work! I've also noticed is the second blue VW I've uploaded this month!

For our latest briefs at Uni we have been asked to create a image using 2 photographs 2 scanned images and 1 of our own choice.

This is what I have created, for one of the scanned images I used a scan of some spray paint dribbles I sprayed onto some card. For the other scanned image I scanned a piece of scrunched up brown paper which had been torn into a rough circle. For the photographs I used an photo I took in summer at a classic car show that I entered with my Mini. For the second image I used a picture of some fencing silhouetted by a cloud covered sun, I removed the sun and clouds and was left with a stencil like image of the fence.

On the image of the car, I tried to make it look like it had been hand painted, I achieved this by putting blotches of spray paint behind the car in black and on the car in blue. I also removed some of the reflections in the paintwork using the brush tool the same colour as the car and adding a white reflection mark using the brush tool, using a rough edged brush. Finally I made the lines darker on the car and added abit of text for affect using my own Chipblocked font I created.

I am very pleased with the outcome of this, and I am glad a brief has given me the opportunity to explore my creativity and produce such a good outcome.

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